Planning, Research and Assessment

2010-2011 Assessment Grant Recipients

Dr. Kira Baker-Doyle, Assistant Professor of Education.  Development of a rubric to assess reflective journal writing.

Dr. Jim Bardi, Assistant Professor & Program Coordinator of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management.  Development of "real life" simulation and corresponding methodology to assess the simulation.

Dr. Sadan Kulturel, Associate Professor, MIS.  Development of critical thinking rubric.

Dr. Lolita Paff, Associate Professor of Business Economics; Business Program Coordinator.  Alignment of in-class assessments with Business Program (BSB) objectives.

Saundra Reichel, Associate Director of Student Affairs.  Assessing the extent Orientation Leaders (OL) are engaged in campus activities compared to the engagement of all students.  

Dr. Brenda Russell, Associate Professor English & Program Coordinator; Professional Writing.  Evaluation of both mentor and mentee experiences and the impact on student learning in the Applied Psychology internship.  

Dr. Ike Shibley, Associate Professor of Chemistry Life Science Coordinator.  Development and administration of a Life Science alumni survey.  

Dr. Janet Winter, Senior Lecturer, Mathematics.  Create, evaluate and revise Math 021 & Math 022 review items to better align content taught in the two courses.

2010-11 Assessment Grant Committee Members

  • Dr. Martha Aynardi, Director of Academic Support and Projects
  • Dr. David Bender, Associate Professor of Educational Psychology
  • John Guiseppe, Instructor of Economics
  • John Shank, Associate Librarian; Instructional Design Librarian