Public Art and Our Permanent Collection

Public Art on Site

Outdoor Sculpture

Our beautifully landscaped 258-acre campus is enhanced with the addition of outdoor sculpture. This public art acquisition program, initiated several  years ago by Arts Coordinator Marilyn J. Fox, addressed not only the campus? interest in creating a visually interesting environment for our academic community, but our interest in contemporary culture, including art.

Solar Wings sculpture


Pictured on right:
Solar Wings, stainless steel
Milan J. Kralik

Our first sculpture acquisition through this program was the stainless steel work by Milan J. Kralik, Jr. of Quakertown, titled Solar Wings. Located at the entrance to the Gaige Building, the work encompassed the concept of entering a place of learning, where students are safe to achieve, question, and explore.

Later, new works were added, including two pieces, both of welded steel rods, by Robert Koch: one a series of Three Spheres located at the Thun Library purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Irv Cohen for the campus. 

Three Spheres sculpture

Three Spheres (two shown)
welded steel rods
Robert Koch

We have also been fortunate to work with and purchase art from alumni of Penn State University, including Joe Mooney (?77). His work titled Glide (stainless steel) is located at the Franco Building.

artist Joe Mooney standing by Glide sculture

Glide by Joe Mooney ('77)

Another example is the sculpture titled Men-en-thol, made from mill stone and steel, by Ted Ormai (?70).


Artist Kevin Forest (?80) assisted in curatorial work in the 2007 exhibition, and now has his work titled Sailing By The Moon sited at our Alumni Pavilion.

Sailing by the Moon sculpture

Sailing By The Moon
Kevin Forest ('80)



Recently added to our collection is a delightful kinetic sculpture called Wind Shear, created by Jeff  Kahn. Made of aluminum, this delicate piece is balanced to  within one gram and moves on the slightest breeze.  

Arabesque sculpture

Arabesque by Mark Pettagrew

abstract untitled sculpture

Untitled by Leon Gerst

An organic and lovely bronze sculpture titled Arabesque by Mark Pettagrew (lefy) graces the south entrance to the Franco Building.

Numerous other works, including a welded steel Nittany Lion by Elios Kyriokos, several abstract pieces by Leon Gerst, and two pieces that were created in honor of our history with the Wyomissing Polytechnic Institute including In Memory of Hanns Graham and Eternal Flame are also part of our collection.

Nittany Lion sculpture

Nittany Lion by Elios Kyriokos
Welded Steel

Anniversary Mural

Mural by Bev Leviner

In honor of our 50th Anniversary last year, local artist Bev Leviner created a mural mosaic wall at our Perkins Student Center. The mosaic commemorates our college?s 50-year history.

Unique to our campus is the work Two of ?em, created by internationally known sculptor Steven Siegel. Creating a large scale work of art in only four days requires many volunteers and assistants. Using over 175 man hours, campus bamboo and recycling, we made it happen in record time. We are proud and grateful to our students and staff that gave their time, muscles and good humor to make this project a success. We are especially grateful to our facilities staff and student volunteers.

Steven Siegel's Two of 'em
Two of 'em by Steven Siegel