Outdoor Receptacles

Outdoor Receptacles

Outdoor Recycle Stations

Several green walk behind bins and commingle dumpsters are located behind the Beaver Community Center and adjacent to the Woods residence hall.


Did you know?

Recycling one stack of newspapers (about 6 feet tall) saves the life of one tree (35 feet tall)? Recycling one ton of newspaper saves about 17 trees

Recycling aluminum results in 95% less air pollution and 97% less water pollution than producing aluminum from natural resources?

Recycled plastic bottles are now used in... new carpet, outdoor decking, boat hulls, and all sorts of packaging -- in addition to new bottles! In 1999, over 750,000 tons of plastic bottles were recycled? Post-consumer plastic bottle recycling increased 80 million pounds in 2001 to an all time high of 1,591 million pounds

Recycling old glass to produce new containers uses less energy than starting with raw materials: because recycled glass melts at lower temperatures, furnaces aren't required to operate at the higher levels needed to melt raw materials.

Penn State Berks is dedicated to the recycling program by implementing a recycling committee.