Current Students

All registration holds must be removed prior to using LionPATH to enroll in classes.  The LionPATH Student Center—To Do List—lists holds and contact information.  The Student Activity Guide is one of the hold that must be completed before enrolling in classes.

Are you a new first-year degree student student?

New first-year students attend orientation during which time you will meet an adviser and discuss your schedule. At that time, you will be given an opportunity to schedule your classes for the upcoming semester. If you have not been notified for an advising appointment at least one month prior to the beginning of the semester for which you have been offered admission, contact the Advising Center at 610-396-6280.

Are you transferring from another college?

Students who are transferring from another college must first contact the Admissions Office. After you have accepted your offer of admission, you may see an adviser to schedule your courses. If you intend to complete your degree at Berks, go to the list of degrees ( ) and click on the program to find the contact information for the program coordinator.  During the summer months, contact the Advising Center (610-396-6280).  

Are you returning to Penn State? 

  • Students who have not been continuously enrolled (not including summers) or who want to complete a second undergraduate degree must complete a re-enrollment form. 
  • Students who were not in a degree program at the time of last enrollment and wish to continue in the same status must complete a non-degree enrollment form.
  • Students who have never been in a degree program and wish to complete an undergraduate degree must apply through the Admissions Office
  • Students who have not taken credit classes at Penn State for at least four years and had below a 2.0 grade-point average at the time of last enrollment may request academic renewal
  • After you have submitted the appropriate form for review and received approval, use LionPATH to activate your Penn State access account and complete the Student Activity Guide (To Do List) on LionPATH.

Are you a Returning Adult Learner?

See the “Re-enrollment Exception for Adult Learners” information at  re-enrollment.