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A Special Invitation for Selected First Year Students

Attending Penn State Berks takes hard work and a commitment to succeed. Our free first year programs help selected first-year students achieve academic success.

There's no one trick to becoming a successful student. These programs are by invitation only and are not open to all incoming first year students.

Academic Success Learning Community

The Academic Success Learning Community offers you the opportunity to become a part of a small group of incoming students who will form a mutual support network, with carefully chosen faculty and special advising. This program will help you get practical help and support in developing the habits, attitudes, and skills you need to succeed.

Learning Resources Program

The Learning Resources Program will provide students with vital college skills and built-in tutoring time in a computer lab. This program is specifically designed to help students to be academically successful. Participants in the Learning Resources Program will take a two-credit college success course (ED PSY 297A) and a first-year seminar. The program will also provide free tutoring in a computer lab four times a week.

It's All Up to You

Take the first step towards academic success by registering for one of the above programs, our introductory meeting and early fall term scheduling. Submit the online form (below) and attend our June 12th meeting at the Berks campus of Penn State University. We?ll answer all your questions and tell you everything you need to know. We?ll also have special programs for your parents (and anyone else whom you trust to help you make the right decision).

Join a special group of students like yourself who have committed to making academic success their most important priority. These are first-year support programs but the friends you make will last a lifetime.

We look forward to meeting you on June 12.

Dr. Ken Fifer, Academic Success Learning Community, Program Coordinator
Yuriko Beaman, M.S., Learning Resources, Program Coordinator


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