Eugene and Eleanor Curry Memorial Trustee Scholarship



The purpose of this scholarship shall be to provide financial assistance to undergraduate students enrolled at Penn State Berks who have a demonstrated need for funds to meet their necessary college expenses.


Consideration for this scholarship shall be given to all undergraduate students enrolled or planning to enroll at Penn State Berks who have demonstrated financial need. The Office of Student Aid is responsible for identifying the eligible pool of students. First preference shall be given to students who are enrolled in the Business major at Penn State Berks who have a demonstrated financial need. If no students meet the first preference in a given year, funds will be awarded to any student in the Penn State Berks eligibility pool, regardless of preference.

Amount of Award

The number of scholarships awarded and the amount of each shall be determined by the Office of Student Aid Scholarship Committee in coordination with the Penn State Berks Scholarship Committee. Scholarships shall be awarded annually in accordance with the University endowment spending policy and shall conform to existing University policy. Any available monies earned by the endowment and not awarded in a particular year shall be added to funds available for expenditure in the following year.

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