Students create devices for disabilities

Students majoring in Electromechanical Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering, and Occupational Therapy have collaborated to create devices to meet the needs of individuals with physical challenges as part of the Pfreimer Adaptive Equipment Project (PADEP). They will present their designs in two separate sessions: the first on Monday, Dec. 7, 2015, and the second on Wednesday, Dec. 9, both at 1 p.m. in room 121, Gaige Technology and Business Innovation Building. The presentations are free and open to the public.

    • Team Black: Pet Feeder System ? a device to provide food and water to the pets of a person who is unable to bend or lean over
    • Team Brown: Stroller Adapter ? a device to assist a person who uses a wheelchair to care for a child
    • Team Red: Arm Extender ? an arm extension for wheelchair users that can help in opening various types of doors
    • Team Orange: Swivel Cup holder ? an adaption for a walker, the swivel holder would hold the cup upright at all times, and prevent the cup from spilling when the walker is moved or suddenly stopped
    • Team Yellow: Tube Dispenser ? a device to help dispense pastes from tubes for individuals with gripping problem or weakness in their fingers
    • Team Green: Walking Cane Reacher ? a modification to the end of a walking cane to enable the user to pick up small objects
    • Team Blue: Mountain Bike Enabler ? modification of a mountain bike to enable a person with paralysis from the waist down to ride
    • Team Violet: Wheelchair Bird Feeder ? a button-operated addition to a wheelchair to enable a person with certain disabilities to feed birds
    • Team Grey: Adaptive Arm ? equipment to help those with upper extremity limitations to use a hair dryer and other hand-held appliances
    • Team White: Automated Pill Dispenser ?weekly automated pill dispenser designed for those who may forget to take their pills, includes reminder feature
    • Team Gold: Automatic Cabinet Door Opener ? an attachment to cabinet doors that will assist people with fine motor disabilities in their fingers and arms
    • Team Silver: Sit to Stand Assist with Tube Handler ? a wheelchair design that will help a person move from a sitting to standing position, and a handler to ensure that the nasal cannula tube does not get in the way

The efforts are a the result of interdisciplinary class projects in Electromechanical Engineering Technology, taught by Dr. Shiyoung Lee, Associate Professor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, taught by Dr. Rungun Nathan, Associate Professor of Engineering, and Occupational Therapy, taught by David Kresse, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy.

The annual event, formerly known as Devices for Disabilities, was initiated by Dr. Henry Ansell, retired Assistant Professor of Engineering. For more information, contact Nathan at [email protected], or Kresse at [email protected].