Green routing and scheduling delivery of goods topic of EBC Speaker Series

Routing and scheduling the delivery of goods in an environmentally friendly manner is the topic of the next Engineering, Business, and Computing (EBC) Division Speaker Series Presentation on Monday, November 3, 2014, at 1 p.m. in room 244 of the Gaige Technology and Business Innovation Building. Dr. Yiyong Xiao and Dr. Abdullah Konak will present: ?Minimizing C02 Emissions for the Time-Dependent, Heterogeneous Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Problem Using Dynamic Programming and Genetic Algorithms." This presentation is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

Dr. Yiyong Xiao is an Associate Professor at the School of Reliability and Systems Engineering, Beihang University, China. His research interests are mainly in three areas: (1) Applied optimization, which involves developing advanced computing techniques for solving various kinds of problems, including large-sized production optimization, non-permutation scheduling, green vehicle emissions, and parallel computation; (2) Data mining in large temporal databases, which involves developing new algorithms in the fields of status monitoring and failure prediction for large real-time systems; and (3) Management information systems, which involves developing a united ERP (enterprise resource planning) system for manufacturing firms in complex environments. He developed an ERP information system, which has been used by several Chinese manufacturing firms for approximately 10 years, and continues to be their daily consultant.

Xiao is now a visiting scholar working with Dr. Abdullah Konak in the Department of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State Berks. His current research has been concentrated on the green vehicle routing and scheduling problem that deals with how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through vehicle routing and scheduling optimizations considering time-varying traffic congestions.

Dr. Abdullah Konak is an Associate Professor of Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State Berks. His current research has been concentrated on two main areas: network reliability analysis and applied optimization. His network reliability research primarily focuses on developing efficient techniques to evaluate reliability and performance of large-scale networks. His optimization research is in the application of traditional optimization approaches, such as linear and integer programming and meta-heuristic approaches, such as evolutionary computing, tabu search, and neural networks to complex engineering problems, including such topics as network optimization, reliability optimization, scheduling, facilities design, and data mining.

The EBC Division Speaker Series features Penn State Berks faculty and visiting experts who conduct research on a wide variety of topics. Topics are of broad and general interest and are accessible to the non-expert.

For more information, contact either of the co-chairs for the EBC Division Speaker Series: Dr. Jui-Chi Huang, Assistant Professor of Economics, [email protected] or Dr. Ada Leung, Assistant Professor of Marketing, [email protected].