Entrepreneurship students launch first app at Google Play Store

Two students have launched their first mobile app, a game called Bubble Barrage, at the Google Play Store. Christian Nimako-Boateng and Kosho Hoshitsuki, both members of the Penn State Berks Entrepreneurship Club, developed MisMatchedDev Studio as an experimental venture to create applications for mobile devices. Bubble Barrage is the MisMatchedDev Studio?s first project.

Nimako-Boateng, a sophomore, wants to follow in his father?s footsteps and pursue a career as an electrical engineer. Hoshitsuki is a sophomore Computer Engineering student. They hope that MisMatchedDev Studio will become successful enough to help students of all ages have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

They encourage Penn State Berks students to join the Entrepreneurship Club to exchange ideas and to form a network of student entrepreneurs at Penn State Berks. They hope to set an example for other students who wish to pursue technology-based entrepreneurship opportunities.

The following description of the game appears on the website, ?As bubbles fall from the skies, your task is to pop them all before they pop you. Playing as a bubble being, you are equipped with the ability to shoot bubble projectiles. Skillfully use this power to evade the storm of bubbles that awaits. While fighting against such an infinite army, have no fear you will have some aid. Some items, bound inside falling bubbles, will give you special abilities and unique powers, but only for a short period. One must use these abilities to change the momentum of the game. As the battle rages on, one must ask, is this a game of cunning or one of evasion? Regardless of your answer, Can you pop them all??

Bubble Barrage can be downloaded at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.enchantedProduction.main