Pitts’ poems published in The Voices Project

Xezania Pitts, a first-year Journalism major at Penn State Berks, recently had two of her poems accepted by The Voices Project. ?Lonely? will be published the week of June 23, 2014, and ?Addicted? will be published at a later date.

?I typically write about the abnormalities of life, those that I have experienced personally or witnessed elsewhere,? Pitts stated. ?The two poems in question were entitled "Lonely" and "Addicted." The first is structured in free verse and emphasizes the abnormalities of thought that seem normal when in a distorted state of mind; in other words, the poem embodies the convoluted thought of suicide. The second is about a man who is in love with a woman who is no longer in love with him and details his motivation to kill himself in her home due to the addiction he has to her love. Both were very emotional pieces for me to write, let alone submit.?

When asked what motivated her to submit her poems for publication, Pitts responded that it was her desire to have them edited. She explained, ?I knew it would be a good opportunity for me to see how the editing process works as I hope to work in the field in the future through the use of my major.?

Pitts also credits Dr. Ken Fifer, Professor of English at Penn State Berks, with encouraging her to submit her work. ?He has been a main source of encouragement for me this past semester and has been supportive of my writing, always expressing honest and effective opinions towards my work.?

According to their website, The Voices Project is a non-judgmental venue for women to express their personal stories and observations through poetry to promote social change. Their goal is to publish the work of women and girls in the United States and international community who might not otherwise have opportunities to share their stories, no matter what their age or background.

For more information, visit thevoicesproject.org.