Students learn through Discovery High School Youth Camps

Students attending Penn State Berks Discovery High School Youth Camps will learn about different career fields, the world around them, and themselves. The camps are for students entering ninth through twelfth grades in fall 2013. Camps run from Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

Discovering Theatre Camp

The Basic Theatre Camp is designed to introduce students ages 10-18 to all that is involved in putting on a live production. Participants will learn the casting/auditions process; assemble a stage crew and learn the various crew jobs; work the stage through the use of cues, stage directions, and props; learn the acting process through voice projection exercises, staging practices, and play rehearsals; and finally stage an actual production. This camp runs from June 24?28, 2013, and the cost is $275.

Computers & Cyber Security Camp

This camp will include problem-based instruction and hands-on activities with a strong emphasis on exposing students to computer security/information assurance careers, especially in the financial services industry. Participants will be involved in many activities to protect and defend personal privacy and information systems, and they will learn techniques for information system restoration by incorporating protection, detection, and recovery capabilities. The camp runs from July 8?12, 2013. The cost is $365.

Engineering Camp: Rockets, Race cars, and Robots

Students will explore engineering, technology, and applied science, and learn about the various engineering disciplines?chemical, civil, electrical/computer, mechanical, and nuclear?through hands-on activities and projects. The camp will emphasize the role of engineers as inventors and developers of new products and processes for the benefit of society. Participants will also learn how best to prepare in high school to major in engineering in college. The camp runs July 8?12, 2013. The cost is $365.

Forensics Science Camp

Participants will be introduced to the world of forensic science and will take a behind-the-scenes look at crime investigations and uncover a series of ?who dunnits? using current forensic biological techniques. They will also use molecular biology to examine DNA left behind at the crime scene and ID the culprit. Students will have the chance to interact with scientists and investigators as they learn and perform experiments to help solve crimes. The camp runs from July 8?12, 2013. The cost is $385.

Veterinary Science Camp

Combining hands-on experience with live animals with scientific principles in biology, chemistry, and anatomy, students will take on the role of veterinary assistants under the watchful eye of a veterinarian. Laboratory work, such as conducting dissections, reviewing ultra sounds and x-rays, taking cultures, and suturing, will be performed. Campers will also visit a veterinary clinic and learn about careers in the field. The camp runs from July 8?12, 2013. The cost is $385.

Enrollment in High School Youth Campus camps is limited and early registration is recommended. Visit our summer camp program website to print an application or call 610-396-6225.