Penn State Berks Strategic Communications wins gold CUPPIE for poster design

Berks Strat Comm team of four poses with certificate

The Penn State Berks Office of Strategic Communications received a Gold CUPPIE Award in the Poster category for their theatre poster titled "The Seven Sides of Satire" back in March 2024. 

From L to R: Samantha Bower, web designer; Mackenzie Cullen, marketing communications specialist; Jaine DelVecchio, graphic design specialist, and Lisa Baldi, marketing and communications manager

Credit: Dan Z. Johnson

WYOMISSING, Pa. — At the 2024 CUPRAP Awards Ceremony, the Penn State Berks Office of Strategic Communications received a Gold CUPPIE Award in the Poster category for their theater poster titled "The Seven Sides of Satire."

Graphic Design Specialist Jaine DelVecchio led the creation and design of the winning poster, working closely with the Jim Brown, theater program coordinator at Penn State Berks. Brown urges everyone involved to bring their own distinctive perspective to the college's productions, and this allowed DelVecchio to infuse her design with a creative twist.

In the case of "The Seven Sides of Satire," Brown approached DelVecchio to explain that the poster concept might be complicated as it involved seven separate satires, each with their own distinct narrative. This posed a challenge for the composition, as the satires did not have a single key element unifying them, which made it difficult to avoid a crowded appearance in the design.

"I aimed to represent each satire equally without overwhelming the viewer or giving more emphasis to any particular one, since they are all so unique," DelVecchio explained. "So, I read each play from start to finish to identify key aspects that could be visually highlighted on the poster and used Procreate to pull the illustration together."

DelVecchio designed the composition with seven distinct sections, each representing its own satire. To portray the sad, fragmented feeling often associated with satire, she employed a grunge art style throughout the poster. Each section featured a carefully crafted illustration that effectively conveyed the storyline without giving away any crucial details.


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