Project LionPATH eases transition to college for incoming students

READING, Pa. — Penn State continues to adapt to emerging technologies to improve the student experience through Project LionPATH, a multi-year initiative to replace Penn State’s existing student information system (ISIS) designed in the early 1980s. The initiative, which began in fall 2015, is scheduled to be fully functional this fall.

“LionPATH enables Penn State to better support students, faculty and staff by improving current features, as well as allowing for additional capabilities, process improvements and enhanced efficiencies,” said Paula Plageman, coordinator of academic advising at Penn State Berks. “It provides students with access to their academic, registration and financial records. Students will use LionPATH to apply to the University, enroll in classes, check their transcripts, view/accept financial aid awards and view tuition bills.”

Incoming students for the fall 2016 semester used LionPATH to take their math assessment and will also use it to schedule classes during New Student Orientation Part 1: Advising & Scheduling (NSO1), slated to begin on June 14 and run through June 28. During NSO1, approximately 1,000 first-year students will get a preview of what college life will be like through informational programs and individualized academic advising sessions in which they receive assistance with scheduling courses.

“This day is an important program for students and their families,” said Plageman. “During this program, our first-year students receive an excellent academic orientation to Penn State as a whole, as well as information that is specific to Penn State Berks. Students learn about academic requirements and receive guidance as they schedule their fall courses. The program is designed to help prepare students to be academically successful and to begin to develop an ownership of their educational experience.”

Plageman said the biggest difference LionPATH will make for students this year at NSO1 is that during the afternoon advising/scheduling sessions, they will be creating their schedules online and enrolling in their courses electronically in a computer lab setting. “We believe that students will like the schedule builder tool that is part of LionPATH and that it will make scheduling their courses easier,” she said.

As the LionPATH rollout continues, students will be able to check their financial aid award on the new system beginning this July. In the fall, they will be able to access their transcripts and academic requirement reports, which will be used to help students and advisers to plan appropriate coursework for the timely completion of baccalaureate degree requirements. Another benefit of this system is that these reports can accommodate more than one major, as well as one or more minors. “As the functionality of LionPATH increases, students, faculty and staff will enjoy the benefits of working with this new program with its enhanced features,” Plageman said.

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