Penn State Berks, a Pokémon Go hot spot

The entire world has been swept up in the excitement of Pokémon Go, and Penn State Berks is no exception. Since the release of the game in the United States on July 6, 2016, the campus has become a hot spot for Pokémon with its own fair share of PokéStops and gyms.

A stroll around campus will reveal 22 PokéStops where trainers can replenish their stash of Pokéballs and potions, and receive the occasional egg. These PokéStops can be found at the various art sculptures and plaques scattered throughout the grounds, including the Nittany Lion Bench and Thun Library.

If trainers are up to the challenge, they can battle it out against other trainers at one of the four gyms located at the Nittany Lion Shrine, the artificial turf athletic field, the residence halls and at the main campus entrance on Broadcasting Road.

With the Tulpehocken Creek nestled beside the college, trainers can catch all sorts of water Pokémon in addition to all the wild grass, poison and flying type Pokémon that frolic throughout the grounds.

It doesn’t stop at Penn State Berks. Trainers looking to extend their Pokémon journey can look to Gring's Mill Recreation Area located across Tulpehocken Road. The park is home to a few more PokéStops and two more challenging gyms. The adventure continues out across the City of Reading and the surrounding community with far more opportunities to catch more Pokémon and gain experience.

This new interactive game has taken the world by storm. It is the latest iteration of Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise that originally launched in the 1990s. Unlike the previous games, Pokémon Go is an app-based game for cell phones that is free to download. It is the first widespread augmented reality game of its kind that mixes real-world locations with elements of the Pokémon world.

Thanks to Pokémon Go, the 20 year-in-the-making dream of becoming a Pokémon Master is alive and well in the hearts of many. Be sure to check out all that Penn State Berks has to offer on the quest to “catch ‘em all.”