Middle School Youth Camps promote STEM in a fun atmosphere

Penn State Berks offers a variety of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related Middle School Youth Camps in a fun and relaxed environment. The camps are for students entering fifth through eighth grades in fall 2017. Camps run from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. from Monday through Friday. 

Junior Nittany Criminal Investigative Science Camp
Does your student have what it takes to be a crime fighter? If so, Penn State Berks needs him or her to join our NCIS (Nittany Criminal Investigative Service) Team. Campers will learn the science and the chemical techniques that can be used to solve puzzling crimes, such as how to analyze blood splatter, use footprints to estimate height, use Excel to analyze FBI crime data, and more. This camp runs June 19-23. The cost is $275.

Movie Making: Storylines and iMovie 
Students will embark on a story-telling journey and learn the technology that will enable to them to create avatars, animated characters, explosions, and other film-making fun. They will use stop-motion sets, a green screen, 360 video, and other resources to tell a story worthy of sharing, resulting in the creation a movie using iMovie software. This camp runs June 19-23. The cost is $275.

How and Why Things Work Camp
Campers will have a fun-filled week exploring science, technology, engineering and the environment. They will learn what it takes to build structures such as bridges and how to recover clean water from a polluted sample. Teams will work together to build a model rollercoaster. The week ends with a variety of design competitions and the chance to  make ice cream. This camp runs June 26–30. The cost is $275.

RoboCamp: Where Minds and Technology Meet
(This camp is currently closed for registration; names will be accepted for the wait list.)
Students will engage in building and programming NXT Mindstorms to explore robotic concepts and use of sensors. Campers complete and compete in numerous activities throughout the week. This camp runs June 26–30. The cost is $285.

Make Your First 3D Video Game/Minecraft Designers Camp
If your camper loves Minecraft games, this class is for him or her. Students will learn the basics of creating 3D models using a new software to design their very own objects, create skins for characters, and import them into their favorite Minecraft games. Campers will learn the basics of design, animation, and simple coding. The camp runs from July 17–21. The cost is $330.

Youth Architect: Learning the Building Blocks of Design Camp
Does your student enjoy building, designing, and/or creating structures from toys or a computer? This camp will demystify the design process by taking a concept and teaching budding architects, step-by-step, the processes necessary to make a concept a reality. This camp runs July 17–21. The cost is $275.

NEW! RoboCamp II: The Next Level
RoboCamp II continues the robotics experience, placing more challenges before eager learners.  Participants must have attended the first RoboCamp or have computer familiarity for this particular camp. Campers can expect to explore more advanced engineering concepts and activities that will allow them to experience both success and failure, much like the real world. The camp runs from July 24–28. The cost is $285.

Science at its Finest
Campers will enjoy a week of hands-on science projects, exploring biology and physics. They will explore themes and learn how to properly conduct experiments to prove or disprove a theory. Themes will include air pressure, buoyancy and density, Bernoulli’s Principle, energy exploration, biology and the senses, and chemistry in the kitchen. The camp runs July 24–28. The cost is $275.

Science of Technology Camp
A new and exciting curriculum is being developed. This camp runs July 31–Aug. 4. The cost is $275.
Enrollment in these camps is limited and early registration is recommended. Scholarships are available for those who meet the requirements.

For more information or to register, visit berks.psu.edu/summercamps or call 610-396-6230.