Outdoor Program Adventures


Questions related to the Outdoor Program Adventures can be directed to Angela DiJiacomo, Assistant Director of Campus Life, at [email protected].

What if there was a way to meet fellow Penn State Berks first-year students, interact with faculty and learn new skills before the school year even begins? Good news – there is! Penn State Berks Outdoor Program Adventures provide a unique experience where incoming first-year students can make connections, enjoy summer activities and feel better prepared to start their college career.   

These adventure programs are coupled with Penn State’s first-year seminar course. All Penn State students are required to take first-year seminar and student participants of the outdoor adventure programs will have the benefit of taking this course with other students they have already met!  

Students are encouraged to enroll in the outdoor adventure experience that best fits their interests and skill level. Participation in these experiences is based on a space-available basis. Interested students must register by July 10.

How to Register

To register, students must complete and submit the online registration form, along with mailing their program fee. Please make checks payable to Penn State University. Submit payment to:

Penn State Berks, Campus Life
P.O. Box 7009 Tulpehocken Road
Reading, PA 19610-6009

Program fees are as follows:

  • Canoeing Adventure: $200.00
  • A Walk in the Woods: $150.00
  • Building for Tomorrow: $200.00

Additionally, you must meet with an academic adviser at New Student Orientation. Please tell your adviser that you are enrolled in the outdoor program adventure when registering for a First-Year Seminar course. In the weeks that follow, participants will receive additional program information concerning transportation, arrival times, equipment needs, and medical and insurance forms. Due to limited space for each adventure program, registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.


Penn State reserves the right to cancel any course or activity due to insufficient enrollment or other unforeseen circumstances. If a course is canceled, students are notified before the scheduled starting date of the course. In the case of course cancellation, students will be refunded the participation fee. Please note that if a course has less than 10 students enrolled, it may be cancelled.

 *Should social distancing remain in effect due to COVID19, all courses will be cancelled and a full refund will be distributed.

Choose Your Adventure

Canoeing Adventure: Aug. 16-19

KINES 001 Section 001
PSU 005, Section 014, Berks
(Moderate Physical Demand)

Beautiful scenery, the serenity of the river, wildlife and memories made with new friends! After a day of training, the group will camp out for two nights on the Delaware River and enjoy breathtaking views and an abundance of wildlife. Students do not need to know how to canoe to participate. This program assumes no prior canoeing skill, just a willingness to learn new skills, enjoy nature, and sleep in a tent.

A Walk in the Woods: Aug. 17-19

KINES 001, Section 002
PSU 005, Section 27, Berks
(High Physical Demand)

This three-day/two-night backpacking adventure will allow students to enjoy the solitude of the woods, cook outdoors, sleep under the stars, and learn outdoor hiking skills along one of the most beautiful stretches of the Appalachian Trail in the Northwest region of Connecticut. Participants will learn group hiking skills, enjoy spectacular views, and team build as a prelude to the college experience. Student participants should have prior backpacking or long day-hiking experience.

Building for Tomorrow: Aug. 17-19

CNED 297, Section 004
PSU 005, Section 27, Berks
(Light Physical Demand)

Show compassion by sharing strength! Students experience the joy they can provide by preparing a meal at a soup kitchen or assisting in a renovation project with a non-profit. In this program, participants will work together to serve community members in need right here in the Berks community. This experience will be a great way to broaden your cultural horizons through community service. This trip includes on campus living and an opportunity to connect with resources on campus.


 Questions regarding pre orientation can be directed to Campus Life at 610-396-6076.

 All programs incur a fee.

 Participants earn general education credit upon successful completion of their respective adventure program.