Transfer Process

Transfer Process

Step 1:

Apply for admissions using the online application and pay the $65 application fee.

Step 2:

Request an official high school transcript and have it sent to the University Park Admissions Office at:

The Undergraduate Admissions Office
The Pennsylvania State University
201 Shields Building, Box 3000
University Park, PA 16804-3000

Request an official transcript(s) from all postsecondary school(s) attended to be sent to the University Park Admissions Office at the address listed above, and obtain an unofficial copy for your records. If you are currently enrolled, you will need to submit a final transcript when your coursework is completed.

Step 3:

Once you have received your offer of admission, immediately pay your acceptance fee general deposit of $230 in person at the Business Office, or by mail.

All students entering Penn State University are required to take a math placement exam. As a transfer student, you may or may not be required to take one or both of these tests. These tests have nothing to do with your admission to the University, but are used to determine your level of ability in these areas for placement in the appropriate courses.

  • You will be contacted by the academic advising center (after your acceptance has been paid) and given the testing information, if needed. The test can be taken online from your own computer.

Meet with an academic/faculty adviser to schedule classes. It is very important that you bring an unofficial grade transcript as well as your official evaluation of your credits with you.

If you are planning on completing a major at Penn State Berks, contact the appropriate Program Coordinator.

If you are planning on any other major, contact the College Contact & Referral Representative for your major. From June 1st- August 1st please contact the academic advising center: 610-396-6280 to make an appointment.

Apply for financial aid and indicate Penn State as your first school choice by changing your Title IV school code to 003329.