Virtual Tour: Perkins Plaza

With construction completed in the Summer of 2012, the Perkins Plaza honors the memory of Dr. Harold W. Perkins and also provides a beautiful gathering place for students, faculty, staff, and community members. The Plaza includes outdoor seating, a water feature, and most importantly, a clock carillon -- for many years a passion of our first campus CEO.

Virtual Tour: Perkins Plaza

Perkins Plaza


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Text description of imagery in video for visually impaired visitors:

Time elapsed video of many students walking through the plaza.

caption - "Perkins Plaza completed Summer 2012"

Photo of Dr. Harold W. Perkins superimposed over image of the outdoor plaza.

caption - "Honors Dr. Harold W. Perkins. Perkins dreamed of a clock carillon as a gathering place for the community."

View of the water feature.

From a distance the camera pans across the length of the plaza.

Several views of students walking through the plaza.

Close up view of fan sculpture near the plaza.

View of students sitting at outdoor tables in the plaza,