Virtual Tour: Perkins Student Center

Dining Hall, Auditorium, Gallery, Offices and Classrooms

The Perkins Student Center was built in 1973 and is named for the campus CEO Emeritus, Harold W. Perkins. It houses offices for Student Affairs, Admissions, Financial Aid, ASPIRE Coordinator, and Housing and Food Services. The building also is home to Tully's (the campus dining hall), the Freyberger Art Gallery, the Perkins Auditorium, a game room, a multi-purpose room, and several classrooms.

Virtual Tour: Perkins Student Center

Perkins Student Center

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Text description of imagery in video for visually impaired visitors:

Walking on path toward the Perkins Student Center building

Quick flashing images of artwork outside of the building ? Never Forget display, mosaic wall, Nittany Lion

Person walking into the student center.

Clip of a male student shooting pool.

id+ sign

Housing and Food Services Sign

Flashing images of inside the bulding.

Perkins Student Center sign on outside of the building

Shot of chairs and computers located directly inside the building.

Two students are standing at the computers.

Sign of Auditorium.

Performance view of the inside of the auditorium looking down at the stage.

Art Freyberger Gallery sign

Community shots of different signs and flyers

Image of Harold W. Perkins sign.

Student Services view of inside the offices. Office of Student Affairs and Admissions sign

Campus life

Dining Hall outside view of Tully's . Display of students dining at Tully's through the window.

Game Room: Image of inside the game room. Students playing pool and ping pong.

Flexible Learning Spaces: shot of classroom from the back.

Perkins Student Center sign. 

Zooming out and backward walking of the path toward the building.