WAC General Education Grant

In Fall 2020, three Penn State Berks writing faculty were awarded a $65,000 General Education grant to study student writing within Penn State’s Inter-Domain courses. The goal of the project is to learn how and when students are writing in Inter-Domain courses, and to ultimately provide training, support, and other resources for faculty who teach these courses.

During the first year, grant recipients Christian Weisser, Holly Ryan, and Jennifer Dareneau researched current WAC literature, held discussions, developed and implemented a survey, and conducted focus groups. The survey was the primary method of research, and 170 Inter-Domain faculty across all campuses (34% of all Penn State Inter-Domain faculty) completed the survey. The findings of the survey are summarized in the 2020-2021 report below; the survey results are also linked below.

Inter-Domain Grant Report 2020-2021 (PDF)
Inter-Domain Survey Results 2021 (PDF)