Written Work done by Students

Center for Service Learning and Community-Based Research

The Terry Family

Jenny Terry began life as a slave, but arrived in Reading freed with her nine mulatto children.  Her descendants became prominent members of the community.

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Reflections: Working with Friend, Inc.

A professor could spend hours lecturing in a classroom about poverty and how big of a problem it is, but until experienced, through service learning, the student will not be able to understand the severity of the problem.
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Reflections: Working with Friend, Inc. and Heifer International

 My service experiences have allowed me to develop as a citizen by making me more aware of poverty around me and in the world. 
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"Hispanic/Latino": The Hidden Battle between multiple Labels

Through the creation of this book, our class discussed terms and invited faculty members to help us figure it out, but I continuously challenged the terms within my own mind. The more we asked, the more complicated it became.
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Esther Bratt's Story of Survival

Esther's mother told her to smile. She noted at the time you could tell a Jewish face because they were always sad. 
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Robert Katz: A Jewish Farmer in Bernville

 Robert Katz's life story has been pieced together through a videotaped testimony of his son, Lee Katz, who died March 21, 2011; an interview with his nephew, Joseph Gostein; and several articles in the Reading Eagle. 
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