Change of Campus

Summer Session

Students may register at any Penn State campus for summer sessions; therefore, no change of campus is required.

Temporary Change of Campus

Students may request a temporary change of campus for one semester only (fall or spring) for academic or personal reasons (policy D5). Students requesting this change must document clear and compelling reasons why this request should be considered.

If the request is approved:

  • It is valid for one semester only
  • The student's location will automatically change back to their current campus at the end of one semester.
  • The student will retain the same academic adviser while at the temporary location. 
  • The student needs to be able to schedule appropriate courses for academic progress.

Permanent Change of Campus to and from Berks

  1. Use LionPATH—Student Center—Other Academic—Update Campus
  2. Current campus and new campus staff will review the request.
  3. The student will be notified by email about the decision.
  4. Juniors and seniors must be in the major to be completed at their requested campus.
  5. The student should contact the current adviser for scheduling of courses if the change of campus is approved.
  6. Application for on-campus housing is a separate procedure. Approval of the change of campus does not guarantee on-campus housing


  1. Students planning on completing a Berks degree should contact the program coordinator.  Go to the list of degrees and click on the program to find the contact information for the program coordinator
  2. Students planning on completing a degree at another campus may either see their current adviser or contact the advising center for the major at their new campus.
  3. Students may locate suggested sequence of courses at Berks

On Campus Housing

Visit our Housing and Food Services site

Off-campus Housing

Students planning to live off-campus should visit our Berks Off-campus Housing Site