Off-campus Housing

Off-campus Housing

Students at Penn State Berks live in a variety of on-campus and off-campus situations.  No matter where students may live, they will find a supportive professional staff in place to guide them throughout their college time.

Two-thirds of Penn State Berks students live off-campus for a variety of reasons which may relate to financial savings, an opportunity to choose from a variety of different living environments, or even to not have to move during semester breaks.

Living off-campus, students may still take advantage of the wide range of services available to all Penn State students, including ample free parking, accessible hours of campus facilities, all campus activities, and campus meal plans.

The Campus Life Office connects students seeking off-campus accommodations and landlords with available properties by providing guidance and "The Guide to Off Campus Housing". "The Guide to Off Campus Housing" consists of a list of available rooms, apartments, and homes in the local area; a Roommate Matching Application; ride sharing information, a local map; and renter's information.

The Roommate Matching Service is voluntary and requires the student to check the Current Roommate Matching Listings and to find their own roommate. If you decide to list with us, fill out the Roommate Matching Service Application. Please call us or write after you find a roommate so we can take you off our list.

NOTE: A landlord's facility on this list does not imply approval of the housing by the University. It should be understood that the University has not inspected the facilities and assumes no responsibility with regard to the housing, including the condition of the housing, the collection of rents and/or fees, the policies of the landlords, the availability of space or the availability of public transportation. The student has the responsibility at all times of making the individual arrangements with the landlord concerning rental terms and occupancy. The Campus Life office does not assume responsibility for any outdated or inaccurate information.

Penn State Berks offers on-campus housing for 800 students in a secure, suite-style environment. Learn more at: