B.S. in Kinesiology

B.S. in Kinesiology

The Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology: Exercise Science Option offers students an academic background in the science of human movement. The program provides students with a broad knowledge base in Kinesiology and applied experiences in health and movement assessment, sport science, fitness testing, and healthy living practices, with an emphasis on active and collaborative student-centered learning. All students in this option will take courses involving human anatomy (including an opportunity to participate in a 400-level cadaver laboratory course), exercise physiology, biomechanics, sport and exercise psychology, neurobiology, history and philosophy of sport and exercise, and nutrition.  

Degree Overview

The B.S. in Kinesiology prepares students, through a combination of conducting and analyzing scientific research and practical experience, to assess fitness levels and design and implement appropriate exercise programs. Graduates of the Exercise Science Option can expect to gain employment in a variety of health- and fitness-oriented careers.

Internship and Research

Students in the Kinesiology program at Berks are exposed to a range of internship and research opportunities. Our faculty have established a network of relationships with businesses and clinics in health-related fields to serve students with various career aspirations. Internships provide students with a hands-on learning experience and some placements can lead directly to a job after graduation. Students planning to apply to clinical graduate programs can use internship hours to meet admissions requirements.

Students in the Science Emphasis are required to design and produce their own senior research thesis. This requirement exposes students to cutting-edge technology in the Kinesiology field and the process of scholarly investigation. Research experience is a valuable stepping stone for graduate studies, and in some cases, senior research theses have led to conference presentations and been published in peer-reviewed journals.

After Graduation

The Kinesiology degree provides students with a variety of post-graduation opportunities. Students can be prepared for several careers or educational opportunities in the fitness and health industries, including, but not limited to the following:


  • Personal trainer
  • Coach
  • Corporate fitness consultant
  • Fitness facility manager
  • Fitness administrator
  • Fitness product developer
  • Wellness consultant


  • Physical therapist
  • Physician assistant
  • Athletic trainer
  • Clinical exercise physiologist
  • Chiropractor
  • Prosthetist/orthotist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Healthcare administrator
  • Physician

Penn State Berks/Alvernia University Doctor of Physical Therapy Partnership

Penn State Berks and Alvernia University have a joint agreement centered around Alvernia's Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program. According to the agreement, a minimum of five seats in Alvernia's DPT program are reserved for qualified students graduating from the Penn State Berks B.S. in Kinesiology degree program. For more information please email Dr. Benjamin Infantolino.