Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology Student Testimonials

Cimone A. Justiniano

2006, B.S. Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology
Controls Engineer
Fortna, West Reading PA

"When I searched for colleges that offer engineering courses in order for me to finish my bachelors degree, Penn State was my best choice. Penn State Berks provided me with the right answer for my college plans: a four-year degree in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology in which I would be able to attend classes without having to relocate or travel long distances. It was great being able to receive a college degree from such a well recognized college -- and at the same time having the privilege of taking classes in small groups of students. As a non-traditional student, I was afraid I would not fit in well with my fellow classmates. However, I found out that there are many other non-traditional students and that everyone is treated equally. I am very satisfied with my education from Penn State Berks and it has proven to be beneficial since I have obtained a great local job in my field of studies."

"The Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology program at Penn State Berks provided me with an excellent degree and many great engineering skills that increased my opportunity to find a local job in the engineering field. The program helped me to understand how manufacturing companies work and what types of work we engineers are expected to perform. Professors who have many working experiences, combined with hands-on lab experiments contributed greatly to my education. This is a great program for somebody that likes to know how machines work and wants to figure out how to improve them. As a result of my participation in this program, I have been working as a Controls Engineer for a local company. I intend to develop my studies and opportunities even further in the future."

Brian L. Hoffa

Brian L. Hoffa

2000, B.S. Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology
Penn State Berks-Lehigh Valley
Product Manager
Hydac Technology Corporation, Lehigh Valley, PA
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"I can't be happier in my life after having chosen Penn State for my engineering degrees. The location, professor, classmates, and the curriculum were perfect for a life-long engineer wannabe like me.  Hands-on experience, coupled with professors who were themselves practiced engineers, and exposure to many types of businesses in the local community prepared me for many different jobs in the engineering field. After starting my new job one week after graduation, I was able to use my significant exposure to the many facets of engineering in my everyday work. Now, as a product manager, I am responsible for the sales growth of a specific product line in the US for a near $1B company worldwide. My boss is constantly surprised by how much exposure I have had to the many types of manufacturing and engineering practices. It was also great to join a company and find Penn State alumni already working for them."

"Being from PA, I always had a desire to go to Penn State because of its reputation as one of the best schools in the country. When I decided to pursue my Bachelors degree after quite a few years in the work place, it worked to my advantage to have the Berks Campus close to home. The addition of the two year MET degree combined with the follow-up 2 year EET degree was perfect for a working father to complete my education and fulfill a life long desire of a college degree."

"There were many things that made my degree such a good one.  The first and most important was the faculty. All of my engineering professors had real life experience that they could bring to the classroom to provide much more insight into specific topics than a textbook ever could.  I was also able to connect with them due to their always being available to the students.  Becoming involved with my professors certainly helped me succeed in my class work. The second important aspect was the friendship I developed with my classmates. Although I was a bit older than they were, they never treated me as such.  I was more accepted as one of their friends and peers.  It certainly made for a very conducive learning environment. The other main thing that was special about my degree was the fact that we went on so many field trips to local companies. I think I was born an engineer because I have such a desire to see how things work and how things are made. The field trips especially afforded a view into the manufacturing world that we could never have gotten from just studying a textbook."

Andrew D. Potts

Andrew D. Potts, E.I.T.

2001, B.S. Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology
Penn State Berks-Lehigh Valley
Control Systems Engineer 
Parsons Energy and Chemical

"Looking back there were several options I could have chosen, and several options people thought I was crazy for not taking. I have been at the right place at the right time, and things have turned out quite well. I even helped a few other EMET students gain employment at the Engineering firm where I am working as a Control Systems Engineer. We have great jobs, good salaries, and put the PSU Berks campus on the map in the area, when they consider hiring new people."