Research Development Grant

Application deadline is April 15.
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Budget Summary:

Please summarize below the expenditures for which you are requesting RDG support. Indicate anticipated expenditures in these categories

Matching Funds:

Please indicate any matching funds (not required) for the project. Specify how the funds will be used.

Project Information:

Please type the information requested below in each of the text boxes provided. As you prepare these sections, please be sure to include adequate information to permit evaluation of the proposal by the reviewers.

State clearly and briefly the objectives of the proposed project. (What do you wish to accomplish?)
State how this project will benefit your personal record of achievement in research and / or scholarly activity?
Describe project activities and explain how they are related to objectives. (How do you plan to accomplish each objective?)
Briefly explain how students would be involved in the research work to be funded by this RDG, if applicable.
For your three most recent RDG awards, list the year and amount of the award and the outcome of the project. We are especially interested in products that resulted from RDG support, such as journal articles, professional meeting presentations, book chapters, grant proposals, musical compositions, painting, or software.