Amir Barakati

Amir Barakati
Associate Teaching Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Project Coordinator, The Learning Factory
Gaige Technology and Business Innovation Building, 224

Dr. Amir Barakati received his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Iowa in 2012. During his PhD studies and the subsequent postdoctoral research, he investigated electro-magneto-thermo-mechanical coupling in composite materials and NURBS-based finite element analysis of cloth simulation.

Dr. Barakati joined Penn State Berks in 2015 and teaches ME and EMET courses including Strength of Materials (EMCH 213), Intermediate Mechanics of Materials (ME 349), Introduction to Engineering Design (EDSGN 100), Mechanics for Technology (EMET 222), Circuit Analysis for Engineers (EE 211), Electrical Systems (EET 105), and the Instrumentation Lab. He is also a project coordinator for the Berks Learning Factory and a faculty advisor for the multi-disciplinary PADEP (Pfreimer Adaptive Equipment Project).

Computational Solid Mechanics

Composite Materials

Multi-functional Structures

Field Coupling

Finite Element Analysis

Energy-Efficient Architectural Design

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PhD, Mechanical Engineering, The University of Iowa

MSc, Aerospace Engineering, Sharif University of Technology

BSc, Aerospace Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology