Local sports teams invited for free assessments at Penn State Berks

Biomechanics Day 2019

More than 220 students from 13 high schools visited Penn State Berks for the third annual National Biomechanics Day in 2019. This year, the college held 13 different workshops presented by faculty and research students, as well as clinicians from Penn State Health St. Joseph and Tower Health. Participants had the opportunity to visit the college’s Cadaver Lab, Gait Lab and Exercise Physiology Lab and work on a variety of hands-on activities. This event was sponsored by the Penn State Berks Human Movement and Research Center. National Biomechanics Day is an annual worldwide event, sponsored by the American Society of Biomechanics (ASB). The goal is to promote the study and awareness of biomechanics to future college students.


Credit: Photo Courtesy of Katie Quinn

WYOMISSING, Pa. — The Penn State Berks kinesiology department is putting out a call for local sport and fitness teams that would like the opportunity to complete free performance assessments, ranging from biomechanics to physiology to strength and conditioning. This opportunity is open to high school and college teams and local clubs.

This initiative is part of a new Penn State Berks course titled "Community Engagement and Outreach in Kinesiology." The course offers benefits to both the participating team members and the students, who are performing the assessments.

According to Dr. Andrew Friesen, associate professor of kinesiology, who leads the course, “This is just one example of a kinesiology course where students are learning and refining their skills. Our kinesiology students will be performing some of the assessments you would see at the NFL or NHL combine.”

The Community Engagement and Outreach in Kinesiology meets on Monday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. to provide a convenient time for teams to participate. Teams will be asked to meet at the Physiology Lab in the college’s newly expanded and renovated Beaver Athletics and Wellness Center, beginning in mid-to-late October.

For more information on this unique opportunity, contact Friesen at 610-306-6154 or via email at [email protected].


About the Penn State Berks Bachelor of Science in kinesiology

The Bachelor of Science in kinesiology provides students who have an interest in professions related to health and fitness with practical skills well-grounded in theory and scientific knowledge. The faculty in the department are dedicated to creating an active-learning environment, providing opportunities for research, and sharing connections to a network of businesses and clinics for internships and job placement. The interdisciplinary nature of the kinesiology degree, the dedication of the faculty, and an active student body make the program a desirable option for students interested in pursuing careers in health, fitness, and sports.

The degree program is housed in the newly expanded and renovated Beaver Athletics and Wellness Center, which includes state-of-the-art research laboratories and exercise facilities.