Traffic Regulations

  • University regulations and the Motor Vehicle Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are enforced and in effect at all times on the Berks campus. 

  • All student vehicles must be registered online at parking registration. After printing out the Summary Page, bring it to the Bursars Office (Room 125, Franco Building) to obtain your permit. During the fall 2021 semester, parking permits may only be obtained between the hours of 12:15-2 p.m. Monday and Wednesday and 3-5 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday. Permits must be renewed each academic year.

  • Permits need to be obtained within the first 2 weeks of the start of a semester. Tickets will be issued after that time period for not being registered but that tickets will be issued for other parking violations such as parking in a handicapped spot. View more of the Parking Violation Penalties (PDF).

  • Student and staff parking permits can be accessed from the same site and any changes can be made there.  New employees will need to give their information to office staff to receive a parking permit.
  • Faculty/Staff permits may be obtained at the Bursars Office (Room 125, Franco Building) after a permit application has been completed. The application is available online.

  • Permits are transferable and can be used on any vehicle the student may be driving. Students may register more than one vehicle, however only one permit will be issued. Parking permits must be clearly and appropriately displayed at all times.

    Police Services must be notified within 24 hours of any change in status, i.e., resident to commuter, commuter to resident, vehicle change, etc. A new permit will be issued.
  • Campus speed limit is 15 mph.

  • All vehicle accidents on campus must be reported immediately to University Police at 610-396-6111, or 610-396-6911.  Police officers will respond and complete a police accident report if necessary.

  • Operating or parking vehicles on grass areas or walkways designed for pedestrian use is not permitted.

  • Unless specifically lined for parking, the area should be considered a "Fire Lane" or "No Parking Zone" (for example, along the side of any road, or driveway on campus).

  • The University reserves the right to tow any illegally parked vehicle at the owner's expense.

  • Registered students are never considered "visitors" and will be ticketed if parked in a designated "Visitors Parking" area.

  • Only vehicles bearing official handicapped or disabled veteran license plates, or a handicapped placard, may park in designated handicapped spaces. University medical permits are not authorization to use handicapped spaces.

  • University "Parking/Traffic Violation" fines are only payable at the Bursars Office in Room 125, Franco Building.

  • Failure to respond to a University "Parking/Traffic Violation" within ten (10) days could result in a state citation being filed with the District Magistrate.

  • All tickets issued from the Motor Vehicle Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will be filed with the local District Magistrate. Applicable state fines and cost will then apply.

Campus Parking Violation Appeals

All appeals must be received within 72 hours of the violation at the Bursars Office (Room 125, Franco Building). You may also access the Appeals Form.

Print a copy of the form and complete the information requested. Return it to the Bursars Office (Room 125, Franco Building), within 72 hours of the date of the violation. If the appeal is received after 72 hours it will not be accepted, and you will be responsible for the fine.

The ticket (or a copy) must be included with the appeal form. A fax is also acceptable at 610-396-6114. The person appealing the violation will be notified via email of the Appeals Committee's decision. All decisions by the Appeals Committee are final.