Academic Suspension

Academic Suspension

A student with a cumulative GPA below 2.00 who earned a semester GPA below 2.00 while on Academic Warning is in Academic Suspension.

A student placed on Academic Suspension may not schedule courses at the University for two consecutive semesters (note: Summer session is equal to one semester and includes all courses offered after Spring semester and before Fall semester).

A student returning from Academic Suspension must apply for re-enrollment (Faculty Senate Policy 58-00).

A student must receive written support in the college/major the student intends to pursue. If re-enrollment is granted, the student will return to the University in Academic Warning status with his/her former cumulative GPA and with a registration hold in place. To lift the hold, the student must meet with an academic adviser.

A student who has been placed on Academic Suspension two (2) times and fails to achieve a semester GPA above 2.00 is subject to Academic Dismissal and will no longer be permitted to take courses at the University.

What steps should you take if you are a Berks student in Academic Suspension?

If you will be requesting re-enrollment into a non-Berks major, you will need to review the requirements established by the College for which you wish to re-enroll.  You should contact the appropriate College when you first enter suspension status.

While you are away from the University, you will be expected to make significant progress towards goals that will help you to return to the University in a better state and prepared to make academic progress. You will be expected to document your progress towards meeting these goals. Examples include:

  • Working at a job/internship or participating in a job shadowing experience that provides real-world context for a potential future career area
  • Volunteering at an organization to enhance the community around you
  • Making meaningful changes in your personal life to help you overcome the areas that you previously struggled with
  • Addressing mental health issues, if applicable
  • Successfully completing coursework at another College or University

When you prepare to return to the University at the end of Academic Suspension for non-Berks majors:

Follow the guidelines established by the College for which you wish to re-enroll.

When you prepare to return to the University at the end of Academic Suspension for Berks majors:

  1. Contact the Berks Academic Advising Center and schedule an appointment to speak with an  adviser to update him/her about your progress while you were away from the University and to discuss your academic goals.
  2. Students will then be referred to the appropriate Program Coordinator to complete an Action Plan. 
  3. Students will submit a Re-enrollment Form to the Registrar’s office along with proof of the meeting with the Program Coordinator in order for the re-enrollment form to be processed.  Students can either have the Program Coordinator sign the re-enrollment form or they can show the action plan as proof of that meeting.Follow the schedule below to ensure timely processing:
    • To return in the Spring semester, apply by the Friday of finals week of the Fall semester.
    • To return in the Summer 1 session, apply by May 1st
    • To return in the Summer 2 session, apply by June 1st
    • To return in the Fall semester, apply by the Friday of finals week of the Summer 2 session.