Campus Directory

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Abdou, Khaled [email protected]
Associate Professor of Financial Services
Gaige, 326 610-396-6173
Abreu Tineo, Selina [email protected]
Educational Equity Academic Programming Coordinator
Gaige, 303 610-396-6247
Alikhani, Ali [email protected]
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Gaige, 306 610-396-6212
Althouse, Melody [email protected]
Accounting Aide
Franco, 125 610-396-6046
Anderton, Christine [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor, Criminal Justice, Division of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences
Arnold, Jennifer [email protected]
Professor of Biology
Luerssen, 201C 610-396-6002, 610-396-6174
Asbell, Stacy [email protected]
BK PT Sales Support, Housing & Food Services
Perkins, 106 610-396-6354
Aurentz, David [email protected]
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Luerssen, 101F 610-396-6397
Avram, Joel [email protected]
Lieutenant, Police Services
Luerssen, 112 610-396-6299
Aynardi, Martha [email protected]
Professor Emeritus Biology
Luerssen 610-396-6228
Babiarz, Ashley [email protected]
IT Support Specialist
Luerssen, 114 610-396-6196
Terry Baker [email protected]
Professor Emeritus English
Baldi, Lisa [email protected]
Director, Strategic Communications
Janssen Office Building, 101 610-396-6054
Bandyopadhyay, Pradip [email protected]
Professor, Physics
Division Head, Science
Luerssen, 101B 610-396-6034
Barakati, Amir [email protected]
Associate Teaching Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Gaige, 224 610-396-6340
Barragan, Oscar [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor of Philosophy
Gaige, 312
Bartolacci, Michael R. [email protected]
Professor of Information Sciences and Technology
Gaige, 217 610-396-6175
Beane, Steven [email protected]
Maintenance Worker Utility
Implement Shed 610-396-6264
Dr. Dana T. Bedden
Superintendent of Schools, Centennial School District
Beecham, Tara [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor of English, English Composition
Coordinator of the Common Reading Program
Franco, 152 610-396-6409