Campus Directory | Faculty

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Donna Kumagai [email protected]
Professor Emeritus Mathematics
Janelle Larson [email protected]
Associate Professor, Agricultural Economics
Gaige, 210 610-396-6183
Laurie, James K. [email protected]
Assistant Teaching Professor of Business
Gaige, 330 610-396-6158
Lee, Shiyoung [email protected]
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
Gaige, 226 610-396-6211
Legarski, Ted [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor, Electrical Engineering Technology
Mark Legg [email protected]
Assistant Professor, Hospitality Management
Gaige Technology and Business Innovation Building, 331 610-396-6327
Leh, Jayne M. [email protected]
Associate Professor of Special Education
Program Chair, Elementary and Early Childhood Education
Beaver Athletics and Wellness Center, 201S 610-396-6413
Leung, Ada [email protected]
Associate Professor of Marketing
Gaige, 332 610-396-6186
Lindsey, Eric W. [email protected]
Professor of Applied Psychology
Franco 116 610-396-6033
Daniel B. Litvin [email protected]
Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Physics
Litwhiler, Dale [email protected]
Associate Professor of Engineering
Gaige, 221 610-396-6128
Liu, Daonian [email protected]
Director, Center for Learning and Teaching
Associate Teaching Professor, Information Sciences and Technology
Thun, 141 610-396-6189
Lynn, Thomas Jay [email protected]
Associate Professor of English
Franco, 117 610-396-6298
Shirley Marchalonis [email protected]
Professor Emeritus English
Marshall, Susan [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor, Geography
Mart, Michelle [email protected]
Associate Professor of History
Franco, 118 610-396-6180
Martin, Jethro [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor, Mechanical Engineering, Division of Engineering, Business, Computing
Cesar Martinez-Garza [email protected]
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Luerssen Science Building, 201D 610-396-6438
Raymond Mazurek [email protected]
Professor Emeritus English
McConnell, David A. [email protected]
Adjunct Instructor, Music