FYS: Faculty Out-Of-Class Requirements / Formats

FYS: Faculty Out-Of-Class Requirements / Formats


Out-Of-Class Formats

Out of class activities consist of workshops on critical topics or events that are not otherwise included in class but meet the goals of the FYS. Students will complete assignments for out-of-class activities.

Workshops I: 
  1. Library Research/Web Skills
  2. Career Awareness and Planning
  3. Technology (mandatory but student may only need to demonstrate competency.) For example, only students who needed to learn about email would need to attend a workshop on email.
  4. Advising policies and academic procedures
  5. Academic Survival Skills
Workshops II:
Students need to attend one activity in each of the following categories:
  1. Diversity
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Cultural Events

Course Formats

The possible configurations for first year seminars are:

  1. PSU 5--1 credit stand alone course.
  2. 3 credit general education course taught with a 1 cr. PSU 5 attached. Same students in both courses. The PSU 005 does not meet on a regular basis.
  3. 3 credit general education or major course including 20 freshmen taking an attached PSU 5. PSU 5 meets at a regularly scheduled time.
  4. PSU 5 attached to other courses within a Learning Community (variation of no. 3)
  5. Courses designed specifically as FYS?For example, Ag 150S (2 cr.) or Soc 083S (3 cr.).