FYS: Objectives for Students

FYS: Objectives for Students

All first year seminars at Berks will address the following core elements. These objectives are intended to help balance transition-to-college topics with the approved curricular content of courses, as mandated by the Senate legislation. These student outcomes may be accomplished through in-class activities, out-of-class assignments, student attendance at out-of-class workshops and events, online learning, etc.

  1. Academic Success and Career Awareness. Faculty will provide an opportunity for students to learn about the scholarly characteristics of a college setting. Faculty will require students to participate in activities that improve their awareness of careers and their individual career goals.
  2. Communication. Faculty should create a classroom environment that encourages a communication-across-the-curriculum approach to learning. Faculty will require the use of computer technology in the completion of some assignments.
  3. Research and Undergraduate Scholarship. Faculty will engage students in activities that promote skills and positive attitudes toward scholarship and seeking knowledge.
  4. Critical Thinking. Faculty will create activities that encourage students? use of reasoned thinking and the analysis of information including rhetorical strategies.
  5. Community Building and Diversity. Faculty will encourage collaborative learning and support students? efforts to connect with the many varied components and diversity of a university setting.

Out-of-Class Requirements

Out of class activities consist of workshops on critical topics or events that are not otherwise included in class but meet the goals of the FYS. Students will complete assignments for out-of-class activities.

Workshops I: 

  1. Library Research/Web Skills
  2. Career Awareness and Planning
  3. Technology 
  4. Advising policies and academic procedures
  5. Academic Survival Skills

Workshops II:

  1. Diversity
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Cultural Events