Mixed Paper

Newspaper Newspapers, Magazines and Catalogs (including glossies)

All newspapers, magazines & catalogs can be recycled in mixed paper recycling bins. Anything printed on newsprint is also accepted.


Soda Boxes

Paperboard and Boxboard

Gray boxboard or paperboard is recyclable . Boxes should be emptied and flattened . Small quantities can be placed directly in the Mixed Paper recycling bins in office buildings and Academic buildings.


Telephone Book

Telephone Books and Paperback Books

Telephone Books can now be recycled all year long at the University. Please neatly stack phone directories next to the bin.


Paper Can

Office Paper and Junk Mail

Most office paper generated in a typical office and school setting can be recycled. A general rule of thumb, "if you can rip it, you can recycle it" holds true with a few exceptions.


Corrugated Cardboard and Paper Bags 

Corrugated cardboard boxes must be emptied and flattened for recycling.