Research in Engineering, Business & Computing

Research in Engineering, Business & Computing

Faculty and Areas of Expertise

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Agricultural Economics

Janelle Larson


Sudip Ghosh

James Laurie

Lolita Paff

James Shankweiler

Mitch Zimmer

Computer Science

Robert Zambanini


John Guiseppe

Jui-Chi Huang

Lolita Paff


Amir Barakati

Azar Eslam Panah

Katherine Hauser

Shiyoung Lee

Dale Litwhiler 

Elizabeth Lopez

Joe Mahoney

Rungun Nathan

Matthew Rhudy

Nicholas Saluzzi

Ed Sauer

Marietta Scanlon

Jennifer Shannon

Allison Singles

Terry Speicher

Robert Zambanini

Financial Services

Khaled Abdou

Hospitality Management

Jennifer Wakemen

Information Sciences and Technology

Michael Bartolacci

William Bowers

Abdullah Konak

Cliff Maurer

Mahdi Nasereddin


Malika Richards

Management Information Systems

Sadan Kulturel-Konak