Certificate Programs for Adult Learners

Certificate Programs for Adult Learners

Jump-start your education, your career, your future with a Penn State Berks certificate.

What is a certificate program?

A certificate program is a sequence of classes that provides you with core competencies in a specific area. Because certificate programs focus on a specific skill set, you are able to earn this Penn State credential in a relatively short time. Penn State Berks offers a number of professional and technical certificate programs that can help you meet your career goals.

Non-Credit Certificate Programs:

  • Project Management
  • 2D/3D CAD Certificate
  • PLC for Industry Certificate Program
  • Construction Management Certificate
  • Leadership Development Certificate
  • Process Instrumentation and Control
  • Winemaking Certificate

We also offer courses to help prepare you for professional certification and licensing exams:

For more information about the SHRM certificate program: email Elaine Berish (emb1@psu.edu) or call 610-396-6230

For more information about all other certificate programs: email Erica Kunkel (els5014@psu.edu) or call 610-396-6230

Credit Certificate Programs:

How to Register

View registration instructions to register for certificate courses as a nondegree undergraduate student.

For more information about these credit certificate programs: email Solange Israel-Mintz
(BK-AdultStudent@psu.edu) or call 610-396-6222


Things your employer should know:

We offer a wide variety of certificate programs designed by university and business experts in response to the needs of businesses and organizations throughout Pennsylvania. We deliver the programs at your site or ours at times that suit your workplace schedule. These high-quality education programs are affordable and backed by Penn State's reputation. If your employer would like more information on how certificates can benefit their employees and their business, have them email Solange Israel-Mintz (bk-adultstudent@psu.edu) in the Continuing Education office or call 610-396-6222.