Cory and Nicol Varona

Berks “sister-preneurs” develop DN Organics hair care

Berks alumni Cory Dahlia Varona Corniel and Nicol Varona Cancelmo are entrepreneurs, or “sister-preneurs,” who have launched DN Organics, a natural hair care line created to empower women.

Pictured (left to right) are Nicol Varona Cancelmo and Cory Dahlia Varona Corniel.
Photos courtesy of Mateo Toro.

When sisters Cory Dahlia Varona Corniel and Nicol Varona Cancelmo were growing up in the Dominican Republic, they were taught that their natural curly hair was considered messy and unprofessional. It wasn’t until they moved to the United States that they learned to truly embrace their natural beauty and curls. Today the sisters are entrepreneurs, or “sister-preneurs,” who have launched DN OrganicsTM, a natural hair care line created to empower women. 

According to the DN OrganicsTM website: “We help women transform their lives by instilling confidence in their natural beauty. Our own curly transition and health concerns inspired us to create clean and affordable hair products. We want you to take control of your health by using natural products and encourage you to spend less time perfecting your hair and more time enjoying life.”

The name ‘DN Organics’ is short for Dahlia Nicol Organics, Cory’s middle name and Nicol’s first name. The company officially launched on March 8, 2021, and it is already off to a great start. Their leave-in treatment product and styling gel are currently sold on their website, with their full product line slated to come out by the end of the year. Their products are also available for purchase at both the Bell Tower Salon Spa in Wyomissing and Curl Hair and Wellness in Bryn Mawr.  

When asked what inspired the sisters to create the brand, Cory explains that being diagnosed with preeclampsia during her first pregnancy was the turning point that made her realize that she wanted to live a purposeful life and to take better care of her health.  

“With a newborn, I had no time on my hands, and I was inspired by my sister who had just commitment herself to revive her natural hair,” adds Cory.

For Nicol, it was living on her own for the first time that inspired her to embrace her natural beauty. She states, “I completely changed my way of living to a simpler and cleaner lifestyle. After getting my first ‘curly girl’ haircut, I shared my transition journey with my sister, Cory, and both of us joined forces in our newfound passion for healthy hair. We learned there was much more than sulfates, silicones and parabens affecting hair care and saw a need to share this newfound knowledge.‍ My dream is to make clean beauty accessible to everyone … and it all starts with one small change at a time.”

“DN OrganicsTM products are vegan, cruelty-free, and free of phthalates, phenoxyethanol, PEGs, DEA, formaldehyde and synthetic fragrances,” states Nicol. 

a close up shot of DN Organics products

They began as social media influencers under the name ‘Curly Sisterhood,’ promoting brands that offer products for curly hair, and writing a blog about how to embrace and care for natural curls. Their passion has always been for empowering women and teaching them to embrace their natural beauty with clean products, and it led them to starting their own brand. The sisters are quick to point out that it has been a long and arduous journey.  

Cory became interested in the science of developing clean hair care products and took courses to become a natural formulator. She and Nicol are also enrolled in a pilot program that helps women business owners to earn clean-beauty certification.  

Meanwhile Nicol focused on marketing the company, and that’s where her Penn State Berks education came in. She earned a B.S. degree in business with a marketing concentration and a minor in Spanish in 2013. Cory graduated from Penn State Berks in 2011 with a B.S. in business with a finance and accounting concentration, and she went on to earn an MBA with a concentration in finance at Penn State Great Valley. Together the sisters had the educational background to support this new venture.

They began by conducting research online, and soon they found a local laboratory to help them develop their product, which was set to launch in 2019. Then the lab they were working with caught fire and the sisters were back to square one. Undaunted, they found another lab and changed their focus to concentrate on rolling out one signature product at a time. 

“The lab sources the majority of the raw materials,” explains Cory. “The fragrance is 100 percent natural oils, which we source, along with the packaging.”

They encountered another delay when the coronavirus pandemic hit, putting their plans on hold and pushing their launch back to 2021. 

“Even though we launched in 2021, it’s been a work in progress,” states Cory. “We’re sharing our story to inspire others to stay determined and never give up on their dreams.”

“We’re excited to educate the community and our customers about clean beauty,” adds Nicol, adding that in the past, it has been difficult for members of the Latino community, in particular, to embrace curly hair and natural beauty due to societal norms.

In addition to technical knowledge, networking was a must. The “sister-preneurs” made use of the Berks LaunchBox, Penn State Berks’ innovation hub located in downtown Reading. There, DN OrganicsTM became one of the LaunchBox’s coworking companies, using space in the facility and equipment free-of-charge. They also had an opportunity to work with LaunchBox staff members, attend workshops and events, and print product stickers.

Through the Berks LaunchBox, they also received one of five “Grow Your Startup Grants.” The grant helped them to connect with ‘talent partners’ to assist them with taking the next step forward. DN OrganicsTM used their grant money to add an online shopping module to their website and for search engine optimization. “Grow Your Startup Grants” are funded by The Marlin and Ginger Miller Educational Endowment for Education, Innovation and Design Thinking made to the Berks LaunchBox.

“The Berks LaunchBox was a great resource. It helped us to find grant opportunities and resources and to identify mentors,” stated Cory. “We met people who were starting companies at coworking events and had an opportunity to give a virtual pitch for our product.”

The sisters credit both the Berks LaunchBox and Penn State Berks with their success.  

“At Penn State Berks, we learned so much about marketing, what it takes to create a company, networking, and support systems,” explained Nicol. “Penn State Berks brought students together through organizations like Latinos United for Change. We felt like it was where we belonged.”  

Cory adds that she took two entrepreneurship courses at Penn State Berks and remembers that one of her professors encouraged her to start her own business.  

Even though they are now entrepreneurs, both sisters continue to work full time – Cory as an accounting and financial analyst for Santander Bank and Nicol as a marketing manager for SEI Investments in Oaks, Pa. – juggling career, marriage and caring for young children with starting a company.   

So what’s next for DN OrganicsTM? They plan to continue to launch new products and empower women to embrace their natural beauty through clean hair care. For more information, visit

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