International Students: Medical Information

International Students: Medical Information

Medical Insurance is required.

All new international students must have medical insurance. You are strongly urged to show that your medical/hospital insurance is adequate to cover expenses of possible accidents or illnesses while at the University. Not all insurances meet Penn State University criteria and some will not be accepted by the University.

Option: University's Student Health Plan through Aetna

The University has a student health plan available for purchase. The annual cost is approximately $2,800 per year. You may purchase this plan online at Search for your school, then click on Enroll to complete the online enrollment with Aetna Student Health. This needs to be done before you arrive on campus.

Please make and print hard copies to document the your online insurance purchase.

Medical Records

Complete the Medical History Form before you arrive.

Make sure you have completed the Penn State Medical History Form before you arrive.

View Medical History Form online »

Please make and print hard copies to document online completion of your Medical History Form.

Meningitis vaccination is required for on-campus residents.

Students who will be living on campus must have a meningitis vaccination and the vaccination must be documented online. Make sure your parents help with following this requirement. The University will put a hold on your account if this step is not complete.

Campus Health Center

The Campus Health Center is open from 8 am-5 pm on Monday through Friday. The Health Center provides medical services to the student population. Students are charged for offices visits and prescription drugs.