2007 Exhibit Archives

2007 Exhibit Archives

Past Exhibits at the Freyberger Gallery


 Our OWN ? Art by PSU Berks Faculty and Staff*

Tulpehocken by Gary Kunkelman

The idea that many people lead double (or sometimes triple) lives is not so uncommon. Artists and those who pursue the arts are often employed in a variety of jobs that may have nothing to do with their artistic pursuits. Others are fortunate to have employment related to the arts and still others have careers that allow them time now and again to be creative. Those who teach the visual and performing arts and are artists themselves are grateful to have work that, at the very least, relates to their avocation

Balance and Beauty: Jeff Kahn, Sculpture; Sara Edmonds, Installation

 Small Orbits sculpture by Jeff Kahn    Dressing Gown by Sara Edmonds

Small Orbits by Jeff Kahn / Dressing Gown by Sara Edmonds

Jeff Kahn?s latest collection of sculptures, ?Unseen Forces? is series of mobiles and kinetic works. Stark and minimal at first glance, this sculpture explores a delicate balance between unyielding steel, exotic woods, tiny jeweled bearing surfaces and imperceptible currents of air to produce absorbing displays of form and movement.

Sara Edmonds explores feminine and household objects with the sensibilities of visual poetry. An artist, baker, and avid gardener, Edmonds combines those domestic objects and ideas in her work.

Indira Bailey's Sunday Morning

Oct. 25 - Nov. 29

Color Time: Indira Bailey
Reception: Oct. 25, 6:00 pm
THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY: Campus Closed Nov. 18 ? Nov. 24

Left: Sunday Morning by Indira Bailey

Indira Bailey?s passion is creating paintings and drawings that depict daily ?life scenes? of people moving, living and ?doing? in their environment. Her paintings reflect bold and vibrant colors that remember the past and challenge the present. As a child, she knew one day that she would become a professional artist. Growing up, there were few references to black art--even at the college level. This lead to the artist?s commitment to adhere to her roots shown in her vivid and colorful portrayal of African-American and African life.

Dec. 3 ? Dec. 14

Student Art Show Reception: TBA

Penn State students are invited to show their stuff ? in visual art, poetry and performance, based on their own proposals.