2009 Exhibit Archives

2009 Exhibit Archives

Past exhibits at the Freyberger Gallery

Peter Jon Snyder

Jan. 22 - March 5, 2009 
Reception: Thurs., Jan. 22 beginning at 6 pm
Meet the artist at the reception 

studio of Peter Jon SnyderA sculptor and painter, an entrepreneur, businessman, teacher, former gallery director and television monitor, it seems as though Peter Jon Snyder?s many incarnations, somehow, relate ? seamlessly. Always interested in creating art with found objects ? from mannequins, to toys, old machinery, furniture, and more - Snyder looks at the history of an object, and reinterprets its original meaning and transforms it into something new. This fascination carries through in his art, his home, his newly established café, and the way he approaches life and work. His exhibition at the Freyberger Gallery will provide a view into the organic and creative thinking of the artist. Rather than establish an exhibition of only finished artwork, Snyder will be re-creating his studio. An unprecedented exhibition, this installation will give viewers an opportunity to really see how an artist works within his space.

Patricia O?Maille Drawings and Paintings

March 19 - April 30, 2009
Reception and Meet-the-Artist:
Thursday, March 19, beginning at 6 pm

Balancing Act by Patricia O'MailleInfluenced by early American landscape painting, girlhood embroidery, and primitive painting, O'Maille's work at first glance seems simple, almost naive. But the influence of Indian miniature paintings, and an almost unnerving feeling of dream images or deja vu draw one into these intimate works that become more contemplative with further investigation. O?Maille?s delicate paintings become a format of personal chronicle that nevertheless have universal appeal.




STEAMpunkSteampunk is part science fiction, alternate history and speculative fiction. It features science fiction or fantasy, anachronistic technology or futuristic innovations as Victorians may have envisioned them; it is a Victorian perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style, and art. Many contemporary objects ? like computers, toys, utilitarian objects ? are being re-invented by artists in a Steampunk style. This movement was given credence in last year?s exhibit at the Museum of the History of Science, in Oxford, UK. Several artists from that exhibit will be showing Wheelchair from STEAMpunk! exhibit at the Freyberger Gallery. Come see for yourself ? a Steampunk Victorian wheelchair, a mechanical arm, robots, ray guns and more. Artists include: Lord Archibald ?Feathers? Featherstone, (Thomas Willeford of Brute Force Studio) Harrisburg, PA; Steve Wetzel (Wezco Art Company Studio) Supply,  North Carolina;  Victor Holecek, (Outre Visual Art, Schamballah Studio) Kansas City, MO; Sarah Cavillo, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Eric Freitas, Royal Oak, Michigan;  Allan Brintzenhoff, Fleetwood, PA and others!

STEAMpunk! exhibit

Other events in conjunction with this show: workshops, photo shoot, and more!

Hot Wax

Oct. 2010
Bonnie Levinthal, Philadelphia, PA

Four artists from across the eastern United States will exhibit their versatile mastery of encaustic art beginning October 28th. Selected by Kristen Woodward, artist and instructor of painting at Albright College, who has mastered the technique of encaustic painting, the artists include: Bryan Lafaye of Lafayette, LA; Bonnie Levinthal of Philadelphia, PA; David Mohallatee of Richmond, KY and YoMarie Silva of Miami, FL. Encaustic is a simple blend of pigment & wax. Ancient peoples and cultures, including the Eqyptians, used this seductive medium that both obscures and reveals imagery. Throughout the centuries, artists have modified the recipe to include alternative pigments, oil, paraffin or soy wax to coax out different properties. Fusing the finished surface completes the alchemy.

Mark Marchlinski: Teacher as Artist/Artist as Teacher

Sept. 2010

Mark received his BFA from Kutztown University ('77). After graduating from KU, he and his wife Kathy moved to Alaska. He completed his class work at University of Washington, were he earned his masters degree in fine art. After ten years living in Fairbanks, AK, where the artist was active on the State's Council on the Arts, and recipient of of Fellowship in the Arts, the couple moved back to the lower forty-eight, finally settling in Tennessee. He taught at the University of Huntsville in Alabama until he had a major brain aneurysm in 1999. He died after spending the last ten years of his life in a nursing facility. While living in Alaska, he received a grant from the Alaska Council on the Arts. Although Mark was suburb at drawing, he developed a unique style in creating art that combined electro-plating metals to paper, burnishing, acid etching  to produce both large and small paintings. A retrospective of Mark's work was held at the University of Alabama, Huntsville, in Spring, 2010.

25 Years of Portraits in Berks: Robert Ian Pepper

Robert Ian Pepper at easelRobert Ian Pepper?s scope of work is linked less by imagery, style or media, and more by character, passion and drive. From his earliest street chalk drawings, done in the ?80?s in his native Manchester, England and later on this side of the pond, through his progression of still life, constructions, geometric art, and portraits, energy links the work.

In this exhibition ? ?25 Years of Portraits in Berks? ? Pepper brings out a collection of commissioned portraits, paintings of friends, or clients. He has done portraits for thirty odd years, from the street drawings to assertive and energetic paintings of families, children and associates.



David LoveThe Our OWN exhibitions hosted every year or so, began in 2007 with an exhibition of our faculty and staff's artwork. The second Our OWN(II) featured area artists who received their degree in art from Penn State, Main Campus. Our OWN III highlights newly identified students from Main Campus and includes those who are also teaching art and/or working in the field.

Our Own III featured David Love, a printmaker/painter and an art instructor at the Germantown Academy; Kelly Kehs, a painter exploring color, form and space ; Sarah Moffat, a printmaker; Veronica Winters, a PA Council on the Arts artist in residency who also studied at the Arts Student League in New York City; and Justin Staller, art instructor at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Jeff  Waring : Sight and Sound

Jeff WaringJeff Waring is the director and 20 year member of Highwire Gallery?one of the the first co-op galleries in Philadelphia, formed in 1988. The gallery was established to include, rather than exclude, artists who work with experimental techniques, alternative media, and who otherwise don?t fit into the mainstream gallery scene ? and Waring fits the bill. In creating art, Waring?s influences are in constant flux ? from rust and erosion, to live music and time, nothing is fixed. Waring?s art
explores the non-tangible.