Freyberger Gallery Exhibitions

Freyberger Gallery Exhibitions

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January, 2019 - Exhibition: Steve Scheuring - The Magic of Painting

A still life painting by Steve Scheuring, showing postcards, cans of soup, dolls and other assorted objects scattered on a tabletop

One of Steve Scheuring's still life paintings

Image: Penn State

Reception: Freyberger Gallery
Thursday January 17 , 2019 from 6 - 8 p.m.
(Reception Snow Date: Jan. 24, 6-8 p.m).

Exhibit through February 21, 2019.

Steve Scheuring's still life paintings are anything but still. They vibrate with color and shimmer with light. Althoughhe took some art classes in high school, he remained relatively self-taught until his last year in college. Sheuring began his academic career right here at Penn State Berks. Living close to Gring's Mill, he walked to campus. After two years, he began classes at main campus. At that time, he enrolled in a painting class at Penn State University, and immediately fell in love with the medium of oil.

Scheuring's fascination with art began at a very early age. His early influences were MAD magazines, comic books, and Frank Frazetta, the legendary science fiction/fantasy artist. "I can remember being 11 years old, sitting in our downstairs rec. room, spending hours copying Frank Frazetta's drawings and paintings. I was mesmerized by books I had of his work. My Mom could never get my attention when I was deep into a drawing. She'd say, 'the house could be burning, and you wouldn't even know it.' Exact dates TBA

March 2019

Frederick H. Gaige Juried exhibit

Our Biennial Frederick H. Gaige Juried exhibit.

Image: Penn State

Our Biennial Frederick H. Gaige Juried exhibit.
March 14 through April 18 2019
Reception and Awards: Wednesday March 14, 6 - 8 p.m. 2019