i>clicker Student Response System

Streamline the deployment of your clicker questions by preparing a Question List prior to class. 

Create a Question List

  • Start the i>clicker software.
  • Select the course where you will use the Question List.
  • Without starting a clicker session, select Question / New Question List from the top menu.
  • From the Question Information tab, select a question type for your first question (multiple choice, alphanumeric, numeric)

Multiple Choice Question Type

If the answers to the question can be entered by choosing A-E from multiple choice options, choose the Multiple Choice question type.
  • Enter a Question Title. Enter a question number and/or identifying label. Do not enter the entire question here. You will use the Question List in concert with PowerPoint or another resource which displays the entire question and possible responses.
  • Enter a short label for each response under Results Chart Labels.
  • Enter a Point value for each response.
  • Select the correct Answer from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Save.
  • Click New to add another question to the list.
  • To delete a question, select it and click Delete.
  • Reorder questions by selecting a question title and clicking the up or down arrows.

Clicker question list with title Q1 and True / False labels for A and B

Alphanumeric and Numeric Question Types

If the answers to the question require entry of numeric or alphanumeric characters, choose the numeric or alphanumeric question type from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter a Question Title. Remember, this is just a label--not the actual question.
  • Under New Answer to Add, type one of the possible correct answers and the number of points to be received for that response.
  • Correct answers can contain a maximum of eight characters and must be characters that are available on the student remote.
  • Click Add.
  • If there are other possible combinations of characters that will be accepted as correct, follow the same procedure until all correct responses have been entered.
  • Click Save.
  • Click New to add another question to the list.
Alphanumeric dialog box - Enter response under New Answer to Add and click Add button

Review the Question Settings

  • After entering all questions and answers for your list, click the Question Settings tab to customize the timer and display options for each question.
  • Click a question label in the left panel to select a question.
  • Click the Question Settings tab on the right panel to modify:
    • Polling Timer - count up or down
    • Chart Color - color or monochrome
    • Show Correct Answer

Saving a Question List

  • When the question list is complete, click Close.
  • When prompted, enter a name for the list and click Save.
  • The Question List will be saved as file type .csv in the folder for that class.
  • i>clicker should recognize the List when a session is started.

Editing a Question List

  • From the i>clicker welcome screen, select Question / Open Question List from the top menu.
  • Select the desired list and click Open to view the Question List Editor.
  • Select the question to be edited.
  • Make desired changes and click Save.
  • When finished, click Close.

Loading a Question List

When you begin a polling session:

  • i>clicker checks for available Question Lists.
  • Open a Question List if one is available.
  • Click Yes.
  • Select the desired List.

During an active polling session:

  • From the i>clicker Options Menu, select Load Question List.
  • Select the desired List.