i-clicker Student Response System

Getting Started with i-grader

What is i-grader?

i-grader enables review of student answers and assigment of grades for responses during polling sessions. Student grade data can be exported from i-grader and uploaded to ANGEL.

Start i-grader

  • Before launching i-grader, be sure to the exit the i>clicker application if it was previously running.
  • To start i-grader, double-click the igrader.exe file in the folder that contains the clicker software.
  • The Welcome to i-grader window will open.
Select the iGrader application and double-click

Select a Course and Polling Session

  • Select the appropriate course and click Choose.
    • If you have not yet created a course, exit i-grader and create the course with i>clicker. See  iClicker getting started for faculty »
    • A list of student names will be displayed in the left column.
    • The dates on which voting sessions were implemented will be at the top of the results columns on the right.

Viewing Student Names

    • Elect to view students by either Student ID or Last Name via the dropdown menu at the top of the left column. 
    • Registered students appear in black.
    • Unregistered students appear in red.
    • Recorded votes of unregistered students are identified by their i>clicker remote ID and appear at the end of the list in red.

Student Names displayed in red and black; list of polling dates head the columns on right

Viewing Polling Sessions

  • Each i-clicker session is labeled by a polling session date.
  • If two sessions were  held in the same course on the same date, they will be shown separately.
    • Tip: Choose Resume Last Session from the i-clicker Home Page to append additional polling data to a previous session during the same class.

Synchronizing Web Registrations

  • After students have registered their clickers and at least one polling session has been implemented, update the registration information for the course. (An Internet connection is required.)
  • Click the Sync... button on the i-grader Home Page.
  • The Synchronize Web Registrations window opens. Click Continue.
  • Course roster information will be synchronized with students' online registrations.
  • After the process completes, click Close.

View Session Summary

  • Double-click within the column which corresponds to the session to be graded.   
  • The Session Summary window opens for:
    • Viewing question information
    • Entry of point values for question responses
    • Deletion of questions from the session.

Session Summary window in iGrader

Viewing Questions in the Session Summary Window

  • The first question of the session is displayed.
  • Use the arrows below the chart advance through questions.
  • Take note of the thumbnail image of a screen capture which identifies the question associated with the poll. To view the image, click View Screenshot.
  • To view a response chart for a question, click View Chart.

Assigning Point Values for Responses

  • If point values for correct answers were already configured under My Settings for the course, select the check box next to the correct response for the displayed question.
  • Correct responses will automatically be awarded the indicated number of points.
  • Within the Session Summary, credit or partial credit for any response can be awarded by editing point values in the Points field adjacent to the response.
  • Navigate through all questions to indicate correct answers and assign points to be awarded.
  • Click Set and Close after reviewing all questions.

Deleting a Question from a Session

  • Navigate to the question to be removed from the session.
  • Click Delete Question.
  • The question is still available, but points will not be applied for the session.
    • A red Deleted message will be displayed on the screenshot for the question.
    • The Delete Question button changes to Undelete Question.
    • To restore the question for the session, click Undelete Question.