Writing Center

Writing Center

Writing Center Tutor and Student

The Writing Center offers free one-on-one and group tutoring to members of the Penn State Berks community. Writers sign up to meet with our trained, undergraduate peer tutors to discuss any writing at any stage of the composing process.

Writers Need Readers

We believe that every writer can benefit from feedback from a trained, engaged, peer tutor. We are committed to providing writers with intellectually-stimulating, collaborative sessions that encourage writers to improve themselves. Our tutors are trained to share strategies that writers can use with their current and subsequent writing tasks.

All Writing is Welcome 

Sometimes people think that the Writing Center can only help with English papers, but that's just not true! We can help with papers for any course as well as give feedback on professional and creative writing. We welcome:

  • Research papers assigned in any class, including "W" and non-"W" courses
  • Personal, response essays assigned for class
  • Resumes and cover letters
  • PowerPoint and Prezi presentations
  • Communication speech outlines
  • Lab reports
  • Personal essays for internship applications
  • Creative writing (poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction) whether assigned for class or not.
  • And much more!

Everything or Nothing at All

The Writing Center helps writers at all stages of the writing process from prewriting through polishing final drafts. Writers can come to the Writing Center even if they don't have a paper! As long as they bring the assignment sheet, our tutors can help. We also help with any aspect of writing: brainstorming, thesis development, paragraphing, organization, clarity and conciseness, etc.

Collaboration is Key

Our tutors collaborate with writers. They don't do the work for the writer nor do they expect that the writer will sit back and do everything the tutor suggests. When a writer comes to the Writing Center, he/she should expect to be an active participant in the session. We want to help create better writers at Penn State, and we can only do that if our writers do their part of the intellectual work of the session.