Writing Center Staff

Writing Center Staff

Holly Ryan photo

Dr. Holly Ryan, Writing Center Coordinator

Dr. Ryan has worked in writing centers since her freshman year at Eastern Connecticut State University. Following her tutoring days, she acted as the Associate Director of Duke University's Writing Studio, and in 2010, she joined the faculty at Penn State Berks as an Assistant Professor of English and Writing Center Coordinator. Since becoming the Writing Center Coordinator, Dr. Ryan has transitioned the Writing Center to an entirely undergraduate, peer tutoring space. Additionally, she has been conducting research in the Writing Center. This year she is examining gender dynamics in writing peer tutoring.

Paul Writing Center tutor photo

Paul Bowman, Freshman Undergraduate Tutor

Paul is a business major in his freshman year. While outside, he enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, canoeing, and kayaking. Inside he enjoys watching movies, playing video games, and graphic designing with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Paul is also an Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America and a Vigil Honor member of the Order of the Arrow.

Hannah Writing Center tutor photo

Hannah Burton, Sophomore Undergraduate Tutor

Hannah is a sophomore and a Biochemistry major here at Penn State Berks. Her interests in writing tend to focus on research and writing research papers but she loves helping with creative pieces. Hannah loves to read all kinds of books from sci-fi to romance. Due to long hours of reading, and lots of practice with research papers, she can help with very creative ways of approaching and writing research papers. Hannah tends to have a very active imagination and is great with coming up ideas to abolish writer?s block. She plans on graduating and attending med school to become a research physician later on in life.

Erica Germann photo

Erica Germann, Senior Undergraduate Tutor

Erika is a Professional Writing major. She is also actively pursuing the completion of Women?s Studies minor. She has been an avid reader since learning how to read and peruses books covering a variety of genres. She plans on becoming a librarian and has a particular interest in researching and writing research based papers. The idea of helping others learn how to write papers successfully led her to the Writing Center.


Rebecca Writing Center tutor photo

Rebecca Jonas, Freshmen Undergraduate Tutor

Rebecca is a Freshman Information Sciences and Technology major with an English minor. Her favorite things to read are comic books and nonfiction books about technology. She was involved in classical theater throughout high school and enjoys interpreting Shakespeare as well. She is excited to work in the writing center since she loves writing and getting involved on campus.

Eric Writing Center tutor photo

Erik Lewis, Senior Undergraduate Tutor

Erik is a professional writing major at Penn State Berks.  His interests in writing tend to focus on journalistic writing and fiction writing, with a focus in science fiction and fantasy.   Before enrolling at Penn State Berks, Erik tried his hand at professional blogging with his comic book review blog, By Odin?s Beard, which earned him work at comic news sites like The Daily  Blam! and Comic Book Therapy.  Erik is passionate about writing, improving his own writing, and helping others to improve their own writing.  Currently, Erik is working on a fantasy novel that focuses on a teenage boy and his travels through the land of dreams.

Line drawing of person writing

Chris Meagher, Senior Undergraduate Tutor

Chris is a PW senior, and returning tutor to the writing center. He has been published in a literary journal, and also writes short horror fiction. In his free time, Chris enjoys watching tv and disc golf, among other activities.

Kevin Writing Center tutor photo

Kevin Ortega, Junior Undergraduate Tutor

Kevin is a junior in Security & Risk Analysis with an interest in the Professional Writing, Psychology, and Entrepreneurship Minors.  Fall 2014 will be Kevin?s first semester at the Writing Center as an apprentice tutor.  His favorite reason for tutoring is learning to write collaboratively.  Other passions include reading, martial arts, physical activity, learning, and nature.  However, he?s excited to meet students at the writing center with both different and similar interests.

Rachel Writing Center tutor photo

Rachel Powelson, Sophomore Undergraduate Tutor

Rachel is a sophomore majoring in Communication Arts & Sciences. Not only does she tutor in writing but she also works as a Peer Mentor at Penn State and as a Team Leader at her other job. When she is not working, she enjoys both reading and writing and takes a keen interest in photography. She also loves to travel and has been to over 8 countries. Rachel loves to talk to people and loves to help people in any way possible which is why she became a tutor in the Writing Center. 

Stephen Writing Center tutor photo

Stephen Speer, Freshman Undergraduate Tutor

Stephen is a freshman studying Business Marketing and Management. He is from Jonestown Pennsylvania. He enjoys sports and video games, and he enjoys talking about almost anything! Stephen most enjoys helping writers get their point across in their writing and making sure their writing makes sense. He likes helping non-writing majors with their writing. He is most excited about being able to learn new things from others' writing, and is looking forward to being able to talk with anyone about their writing.

Kyle, Writing Tutor photo

Kyle Whitlock, Freshman Undergraduate Tutor

Kyle currently says that he plans on majoring in Creativity, though that is just a ruse to cover his general lack of certainty on what his future holds.  He has a passion for Shakespeare, as well as the masochistic delights of A Song of Ice and Fire.  He enjoys long walks around the campus with his beloved fountain pen, and his booming laughter can be heard at various points throughout the day.  His love of literature and writing has led him to the Writing Center, where he hopes to help others.